ArcelorMittal Incubation Hub Application

ArcelorMittal South Africa is inviting entrepreneurs who are doing business in the steel sector, to apply for the possible inclusion within its Industrial business incubation programme.

This programme, aimed at growing start-up enterprises, will run over a 24-month period and will take place at ArcelorMittal's incubation hub situated in Vanderbijlpark. (The first 24-month incubation programme will start during October / November 2016).

Application criteria

Interested entrepreneurs who are meeting the following criteria are invited to apply:

  1. Entrepreneurs who have just started their businesses, or who have been in business for a few years already.
  2. Enterprises offering manufacturing, fabrication or reconditioning products/services within the Steel sector.
  3. Enterprises owned by South African citizens and of which more than 51% is owned by ACI's.*

Selection Timeframe

ArcelorMittal will select a final list of 10 - 12 enterprises to be taken up in its business incubation hub during July 2016.

Occupancy is planned for October 2016 where successful enterprises will be incubated for a 24-month period.

Benefits of the programme

Successful applicants will benefit from the following support:
  1. Physical lock-up workshop of around 50 square meters.
  2. All workshops are interlinked to a communal workshop area of 800 square meters.
  3. The central, communal workshop will be equipped with a number of industrial manufacturing machines.
  4. Hosted enterprises will benefit from extensive business training, as well as, suitable mentorship and coaching.
  5. Enterprises will also have access to office and conference facilities.
    *ACI means African, Coloured or Indian citizens of South Africa.

Application link for on-line registration

Please follow the following link to apply: