Application for financial / non-financial assistance
Section A : Guidelines

The ArcelorMittal Foundation is the vehicle through which ArcelorMittal aims to make a positive contribution to the sustainable development of communities around its operations. The ArcelorMittal Foundation coordinates the company’s community investment activities and aligns the support offered by the company to the needs of local communities.

The three key focus areas for the ArcelorMittal Foundation are education, health and community development. However, the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes are adapted to local needs in each country. Proper planning is important to ensure that the CSR activities are aligned to the company’s development objectives.

In order to be considered for assistance from ArcelorMittal South Africa’s CSR Programme, organisations are requested to complete and submit an application form together with the supporting documentation as required.

In order to make the necessary budget provisions, ArcelorMittal South Africa accepts online applications between April and August each year. Your application will be assessed and you will be notified in writing on the outcome of your application before the end of each year.

Section B : Interpretation


What we look for?

Applicants must be able to show that the projects they implement are innovative in meeting the real needs of local communities, are long-term and can be easily replicated to have widespread impact. Specifically, we look for organisations that demonstrate:
    The ability to deliver results.
    Strong financial management capacity, with effective administration and internal controls.
    Systematic evaluation and reporting.
    The potential to become largely self-sustaining in the future.
From the point of view of the community, we look for organisations that:
    Respond to a clear need evident in and expressed by a given community.
    Involve the community in key aspects of the project.
    Have the willingness and the ability to transfer knowledge and skills to the community in a way that leads to true empowerment.

What makes an organisation eligible for consideration?

In order to be eligible for consideration for assistance from the company, applicants should comply with the instructions outlined herein. In addition, applicants are expected to:
    Submit applications on-line with all required documentation.
    Demonstrate that the beneficiary of their organisation / project falls within one (or more) of the CSR Programme’s primary areas of
      focus as defined
    NOT represent or demonstrate any of the eligibility limitations detailed below.

What will the ArcelorMittal Foundation not support?

The following are not eligible to receive assistance:
    Projects which are active in areas outside of the company’s geographical area i.e., Vanderbijlpark, Vereeniging, Newcastle, Saldanha and Pretoria West.
    Individuals, private organisations, families or trusts. Labour unions.
    Political campaigns and/or activities (except where this is deemed to be appropriate in accordance with the company’s policy on
      political donations).
    Individual Crèches.
    Religious groups for religious purposes.
    Applicants who have already received assistance once during the financial year.
    Official South African (national) sport teams in any sporting code.
    Professional sports clubs or sporting events related to these clubs.
    School-affiliated groups or events such as orchestrs, matric dance, fêtes, bands, choirs,drama groups, class parties,
  class/teamprojects, fundraisers, prizes, conferences,beauty pageants, etc
    Any projects for Model C and private schools.
    Overseas travel, tours, study trips or events.
    Events or activities that are exclusionary on basis of race, gender or disability.
    Once-off unsustainable activities or events.
    Golf tournaments (employees not allowed to partake during work hours), relays, races, walk-a-thons, etc.
    Funding for operations  or capital funding for any purpose.
    Loans, investments or grants to cover operating deficits.

To apply for funds click here. Only applications entered from 1 April to 31 August will be considered.