Application and Accreditation

ArcelorMittal acknowledges the right of all potential suppliers of goods and services to register as approved vendors on ArcelorMittal`s vendor database.

On-boarding of new vendors is accommodated based on an existing need within ArcelorMittal South Africa for additional providers of goods and services, and a requirement is validated either by an appropriate plant manager or a manager within Procurement and Logistics.

Approval of the on-boarding of new vendors is directly related to the promotion of ArcelorMittal’s Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) strategy, and occurs within the parameters of its ability to effectively accommodate qualifying vendors who meet ArcelorMittal South Africa’s need for the supply of applicable goods and services.

For practical reasons, not all vendor applications can be accommodated, and favourable consideration of new vendor application requests will be scrutinized within the ambit of both strategic and business requirements.

Applicants wishing to register on ArcelorMittal’s vendor database must first familiarise themselves with the key requirements contained in the Supplier Guide before completing a Vendor Application Form.

Promotion of goods and services within ArcelorMittal Business Units

Well established suppliers of goods and services that are legally and SHEQ compliant with all ArcelorMittal requirements, who wish to promote their products or services directly within ArcelorMittal`s plants, may do so by directing an email to the following email address: VMSA@ARCELORMITTAL.COM

General enquiries related to ArcelorMittal`s Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) strategy

General enquiries relating ArcelorMittal`s strategic initiatives linked to ESD may be directed to the following email address:

Small and upcoming enterprises, EME`s, are invited to register themselves on our Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) database.    

File(s) to download:
 Vendor Registration
 Supplier Guide 2018