At Vanderbijlpark and Newcastle, liquid iron is transformed into steel at basic oxygen furnaces (BOFs). It is then cast into slabs (at Vanderbijlpark) for flat rolling and into blooms for long rolling (at Newcastle).

The Vaal Melt Shop in Vereeniging, with an annual capacity of 400 000 tonnes, is an electric arc furnace, which was under care and maintenance in 2023.

From the caster, steel slabs are cut into semi-finished products: blooms, slabs and billets. These are either reheated (hot rolling) or cold rolled, for very precise applications. Before we ship products to clients, we treat what will become our final products in many ways; these treatments include painting, annealing, galvanising and cutting and batching to specification.

Tubular Products is the sole producer of hot rolled and cold drawn seamless tube products in South Africa. Of 44 465 tonnes produced in 2023, 77.5% was exported.

Vanderbijlpark Works Works Process Flowchart

Newcastle Works Process Flowchart

Vereeniging Works Process Flowchart

Tubular Works Process Flowchart