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ArcelorMittal South Africa Media site visit presentation 2024-04-30
Media Release - ArcelorMittal South Africa full-year results for the period ended 31 December 2023
Media release_ long product ArcelorMittal FINAL 28.11.2023
News release- Financial results for the period ended 30 June 2023
Media release_ArcelorMittal South Africa 2022 full_year results
Media release_AMSA's support of SADRA_final
Media release_AMSA supplies steel to Msikaba Bridge Project_final
Media release_ArcelorMittal University South Africa building skills for steel sector_final
Media release - AMSA launches AMRAS facility
Press Release-Sasol ArcelorMittal South Africa partner to decarbonise and reindustrialise Vaal Saldanha through green hydrogen
Media release_AMSA 2022 interim results_final
Media release_agreement on wage dispute_26052022_final
Media release_update on NUMSA strike_24052022_final
AMSA media release_2022 wage negotiations break down_final
Media release_renewable energy plants_final
Media release_AMSA 2021 annual results_final_10feb2022
Media release_AMSA_Newcastle employment
Media Release AMSA 2021 Interim Results Final
Media Holding Statement - Peet Snyders
Media Release Update on Vanderbijlpark Incident - 2021-02-18 Final
Media Release Vanderbijlpark Incident
Media Release AMSA 2020 Annual Results Final
Media Release AMSA Vaal Meltshop Final
Media release_ restart of Blast Furnace C
Media Release AMSA Refutes NEASA Statements Final 2020-10-05
Media Release AMSA restarts blast furnace at VDBP FINAL
Media holding statement incident at Newcastle blast furnace final
Media Release NEASA Withdraws Application for Interdict - 2020-08-13
MEDIA RELEASE - ArcelorMittal South Africa interim financial results - half year ended 30 June 2020
Media Release NEASA statement
Media release_ IPP invitation for PV power plants
Media release_ settlement of environmental matter
Media Statement ArcelorMittal SA Competition Commission 2016-08-22