Our company has blast furnaces in Vanderbijlpark (two) and Newcastle (one).

These furnaces, which turn iron ore into liquid iron, have annual ironmaking capacity as follows:


Blast furnace C 1.3 million tonnes
Blast furnace D 1.9 million tonnes


Blast furnace N5 1.8 million tonnes

Both Vanderbijlpark and Newcastle have sinter plants. These plants combine iron ore fines (dust) with other fine materials at high temperatures to create sinter that can be used in blast furnaces. The Vanderbijlpark and Newcastle sinter plants have capacities of 3.1 million and 2.2 million tonnes per annum, respectively.

Vanderbijlpark has six direct reduction (DR) kilns, of which currently, on average, two are in operation at any time. DR kilns are designed to produce solid iron units for consumption in blast furnaces.

Vanderbijlpark Works Works Process Flowchart

Newcastle Works Process Flowchart