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SENS Announcements:

Reviewed_Condensed Consolidated Financial Statements for the year ended 31 December 2023
Short Form_Reviewed_Condensed Results FYE 31 Dec 2023_08022024
Media Release - ArcelorMittal South Africa full-year results for the period ended 31 December 2023
Trading statement and business update_final_29012024.pdf
Wind down of broader long steel products operations_28112023
Media release_ long product ArcelorMittal FINAL 28.11.2023
2023 LTIP Grant_18092023
AGM_2023 Summary of Q and A
Renewal of banking facility_23082023
News release- Financial results for the period ended 30 June 2023
Long form of sens - 30 June 2023
H1 Trading and business update_18072023
Resignation CFO_S Mthethwa_17072023
AGM Results - 25 May 2023
BBEE Availability statement_24042023
AFS and No Change statement_06042023
Appointment CFO April 2023
Financial results for the year ended 31 December 2022
Media release_ArcelorMittal South Africa 2022 full_year results
Short Form - Annual financial results 2022
Reviewed condensed consolidated financial statements for the year ended 31 December 2022
Trading statement for the year ended 31 Dec 2022
Media release_AMSA's support of SADRA_final
Media release_AMSA supplies steel to Msikaba Bridge Project_final
Media release_ArcelorMittal University South Africa building skills for steel sector_final
Media release - AMSA launches AMRAS facility
Press Release-Sasol ArcelorMittal South Africa partner to decarbonise and reindustrialise Vaal Saldanha through green hydrogen
2019 LTIP General and Prescribed Officers_14092022
Settlement Agreement Update_12092022
LTIP grant to staff_16082022
LTIPgrant to directors_12082022
ArcelorMittal-Adv-June 2022_Proof_4
Short form_Interim Results 30 June 2022_28072022
Media release_AMSA 2022 interim results_final
Trading statement and Business update_30 June 2022_20072022
Media release_agreement on wage dispute_26052022_final
AMSA_Dispute Resolved_26052022
Media release_update on NUMSA strike_24052022_final
AGM Results_Final_20052022
AMSA_Annual Wage Negotiations Break Down
AMSA media release_2022 wage negotiations break down_final
BBEE Availability Statement 2022-05-03
Media release_renewable energy plants_final
No change statement and notice of AGM_13042022
Media release_AMSA 2021 annual results_final_10feb2022
Reviewed condensed consilidated financial statements for the year ended 31 December 2021
Short Form_FYE 31 December 2021_10022022
Trading Statement_YE 31 Dec 2021_25012022
Media release_AMSA_Newcastle employment
LTIP General_10112021
Dealings by a prescribed officer_26102021
Appointment of Interim CFO_20092021
LTIP_General and Prescribed Officers_06082021
Dealings_LTIP Grant G Nagpal_Sale W Venter_04082021
Short Form Interims 2021 - 2021-7-29 Clean
Media Release AMSA 2021 Interim Results Final
Updated Trading Statement - 2021-07-23
Trading statement Chair Update - 2021-06-30
Appointment of Director_Dawn Earp_29062021
2021 AGM QA_25 May 2021 Website
2021 LTIP Awards_Final_ 28 May 2021
Dealings in securities_CFO_26052021
Business Presentation 2018 -2020_Final_26052021
BBBEE Availability statement
AMSA media release_resignation of CFO_final_04May2021
Resignation of CFO and Executive Director
SENS Change Statement Final - 2021-04-09
Media Holding Statement - Peet Snyders
Incident at VanderbijlPark Works - 2021-02-18
Media Release Update on Vanderbijlpark Incident - 2021-02-18 Final
Media Release Vanderbijlpark Incident
SENS Announcement Final - 2021-02-10
Media Release AMSA 2020 Annual Results Final
LTIP General and Prescribed Officers_ 20201210
Results of AGM_01072020
Prescribed Officer Dealings_T Didiza_07082020
Business Update Restart Blast Furnace_Final_29092020
AMSAAnn20_Short form_06022020_Final
Availability of AGM Notice _9 June 2020
Board Appointment Audt Committee - 2021-01-29
Changes To The Board Resignation JRD Modise - 2021-01-27
Trading Statement And Business Update Final - 2021-01-29
Updated Trading Statement - 2021-02-05
Media Release AMSA Vaal Meltshop Final
Media release_ restart of Blast Furnace C
Media Release AMSA Refutes NEASA Statements Final 2020-10-05
Media Release AMSA restarts blast furnace at VDBP FINAL
Media holding statement incident at Newcastle blast furnace final
Media Release NEASA Withdraws Application for Interdict - 2020-08-13
Coza Mining Disposal Cat - 2020-08-17 FINAL
MEDIA RELEASE - ArcelorMittal South Africa interim financial results - half year ended 30 June 2020
ARCELORMITTAL SOUTH AFRICA LIMITED - ACL - Consolidated Financial Results for the six months ended 30 June 2020
SENS Announcement Trading Statement - 2020-07-29
SENS Announcement Trading Statement - 2020-07-16
Media Release NEASA statement
Media release_ IPP invitation for PV power plants
Business Reorganisation_18062020
Media release_ settlement of environmental matter
2020.06.08 SENS Environmental Matter
No Change_Release of AFS_Lockdown_03042020
Trading Statement and Business Update_YE 31 Dec 2019_Final_23012020
CoSec Resignation_N Bam_12112019
Footprint Review SAL and S189 update_11112019
SENS - Dealings in securities by directors and company secretary
SENS - Dealings in securities by normal share scheme participants
SENS - Interim financial results for the six months ended 30 June 2019
SENS - Trading Update, 29 July 2019
SENS - Trading statement and Business Reorganisation SENS 10 July 2019_(Final)
SENS - Environmental Matters
SENS - Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment Act (the BBBEE Act)
SENS - Results of AGM 2019-05-23
SENS Announcement- Operational information for the quarter ended 31 March 2019
SENS Availabity of AFS IAR AGM Notice - Final 2018
Sens Announcement-Annual Financial Results for year ended 31 December 2018
Sens Announcement- Trading statement- Dec 2018_01022019
Sens announcment- Board changes_Kothari resignation and Karol appointment _ 28112018
Sens Announcement- Fulfilment of CPs_Communuities Trust_November 2018
SENS Announcement MacSteel November 2018
Operational information for the quarter ended 30 September 2018 -Q3
Sens Announcement 12 October 2018- Transfer of Thabazimbi Mine
SENS Announcement -Shareholders' General Meeting -27 September 2018
SENS - Appointment of CFO - 21 September 2018
SENS Announcement-Appointment of Company Secretary
ArcelorMittal Interim SENS 1 August 2018
FINAL ArcelorMittal South Africa Limited - SENS (Approved)
Operational Update for the quarter ended 31 March 2018
SENS Announcement (10 May 2018)
SENS - ArcelorMittal South Africa confirms paymet to competition Dec 18 2017
SENS_AMSA_Appointment of Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director_11Dec2017
Operational update for the quarter ended 30 September 2017
Resignation Wim de Klerk Oct 2017
SENS ArcelorMittal South Africa Restructuring - 15 August 2017
SENS- Interim results for six months ended June 2017
ArcelorMittal South Africa Consent order - Notice summarising agreement - 30 November 2016
SENS Directors Appointment November 2016
SENS Directors Dealings 11 October 2016
SENS BEE Terms Announcement
Media Statement ArcelorMittal SA Competition Commission 2016-08-22
SENS- Settlement Agreement with the Competition Commision 2016-08-22
 Renewal of Cautionary Announcement 2016-07-26
 Renewal of Cautionary Announcement 2011-07-25
 Renewal of Cautionary Announcement 2011-06-10
 Renewal of Cautionary Announcement 2011-03-31
 Renewal of Cautionary Announcement 2011-03-25
 ArcelorMittal South Africa BEE Announcement
 ArcelorMittal South Africa Imperial Crown Trading Announcement
 2010 Further information pertaining to the proposed BBEE ownership transaction
 2010 SENS Statement regarding ArcelorMittal South Africa update 
 2009: Coal of Africa - Acquisition of shareholding 
 2004: Cautionary trading statement 
 2003: Voluntary LNM offer 
 2002: Iscor circular on LNM offer 
 2002: Announcement on LNM offer
 2002: Iscor cautionary on LNM offer
 2002: LNM offer announcement
 2001: Abridged revised listing particulars 
 2001: Announcement on Business Assistance Agreement
 2001: General meeting results

 SENS 30 June 2017
 Q1 Operational Update – 31 March 2017

B-BBEE transaction

 B-BBEE Transaction – Circular to shareholders

The Ikageng Broad Based Employee Share Trust

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ArcelorMittal South Africa vs HSLA vs J203

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