Foundry products

Foundry cast general application castings, for both internal use and for external clients. We have a light casting mass range of 5 kg to 8 tonnes at our smaller than 9 tonnes section, as well as a heavy capacity ranging from 40 tonnes up to 320 tonnes at our larger than 9 tonnes section.

The general application and castings from our smaller than 9 tonnes section include internal spares for Coke Ovens, Direct Reduction, Sinter Plant, Blast Furnaces as well as the Hot and Cold Mills. These include castings such as air injection tubes, door bodies, fire bars, pallet cars, pallet frames, goose necks etc.

The larger than 9 tonnes caters for large castings mostly for applications in the mines. This includes crushers and slag pots for both internal and external clients.

Our foundry is strictly a ferrous foundry capable of casting low alloy steel, high alloy steel, plain carbon steel and cast iron. Our cast iron includes both grey cast iron and spheroidal cast iron. We are also one of only three licensed meehanite producing foundries in South Africa.

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