Foundry products

ArcelorMittal Ferrous Foundry has two production sections, namely:

  1. Light bay castings: < 9 ton focused on internal customers
  2. Heavy bay steel castings: > 9 ton focused on external customers

The heavy casting bay is capable of manufacturing castings with an unfettled mass of 320 tons and a final mass of 200 tons by simultaneous casting technique from the Basic Oxygen Furnace (BOF).

The heavy casting bay receives fully processed metal from the BOF for casting and makes use of resin bonded silica and chromite sand as moulding medium for the production of moulds.

The range of products produced there includes, slag pots and ladles, crushers components, mill frames, etc.

For any enquiries, orders or pricing, please contact:

Riaan Willemse, Ferrous Foundry Manager

016 889 4142 or 083 279 6583